Modern solid wood house NANOS

Type of construction solid log house with hewn (square-shaped) logs / joinery – dovetail joint
Construction phases completed by us: finished exterior of the house + stairs + ceiling + partition walls
Storeys: GF+A
Net living area: 170 m2 Gross building area: 190 m2
Exterior dimensions 15m x 8m
Roof type: gable roof, roof angle: 40°
Year of construction 2020


This is a modern yet unobtrusive solid wood house.

Interior Contact

This is a completely different execution of a house. It is for the people who want to live surrounded by the pure wood energy and simultaneously live in a tight urban space. At the corners, the logs are joined with the dovetail technique. The upper part consists of a framework and the final layer, which is lime plaster applied on reed plates. The insulation in the attic’s walls is made of sheep wool.


Inside, there is a bright space and a large mezzanine with the living area.

Exterior Contact

Interior walls are made of drywall. The attic is enclosed with spruce panelling, and at the sides with larch façade. Stairs are made of larch.

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