Cabins made from solid wooden logs

Advantages of solid wooden houses

More than just a house – it becomes your home.

Which advantages do Natural Log Houses offer?

Our houses have more to offer than conventional wooden houses. A wooden log house has many advantages and special features. Read more about what you can gain with our Natural Log House.

Every single silver fir log from Kočevsko has its story.

One-of-a-kind custom-build home

With our help, you can be a part of the Kočevsko silver fir tree story too! Building a house from logs is a one-of-a-kind creation that demands quite a lot of patience and knowledge about wood from the builder.

Log houses are the only wooden structures with walls made completely out of solid wood. Because it is impossible to find two trees in nature that are completely alike, your house will be a one of a kind – unique and unrepeatable.

We transmit the beauty of trees into your home. Only a tree can produce wood by growing – a human cannot create it artificially.

01. Reasons why every house is one of a kind and custom-made:
  • Every single project demands our complete attention. Together with you, we can create a house according to your wishes;
  • Each log that is used for the construction is unique;
  • It is manual labour, no machines are used;
  • This is a home that will be available for a few of your future generations;
  • We abide by universal natural laws, which is why we build truly healthy homes;
  • Because we carefully select the time of felling, your home has the best natural protection;
  • The building process of log houses is quicker than the construction of conventional houses from concrete.
02. The main advantage - THE SPEED of construction

Besides its uniqueness, the main advantage of a log house is the speed of construction.

Log houses are built relatively fast because there is no need for pauses between different construction phases, like there is for conventional brick houses.

After finished works, a log house is ready to be moved into immediately because there is no need for additional work and you also avoid the costs for plasterworks, insulation and façade.

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98% of the log house is made from biodegradable materials.

Preservation of the environment

Houses are built with renewable logs. Log houses are built with 98% biodegradable materials.

After felling the trees for your new house, we always plant new trees and therefore balance out the removal.

You are welcome to participate in the construction of your new home from the very beginning. In case you are interested, you can be present for the felling of the trees for your future home and take part later on when we plant new trees.

01. Ecology

Building houses from logs is one of the least controversial types of construction from the ecological standpoint.

In order to build a house like this, a minimal amount of machine work and a maximum amount of manual labour is used. Our Natural Log Houses are made of silver fir trees from the Kočevsko region – logs are used for the construction and barks for the production of food supplements.

When building a home like this, you produce up to 50% less greenhouse gases than with a concrete house and 23% less than with the production of steel. Concrete, steel and aluminium come from materials found in soil and can never be replaced.

02. Environmental sustainability

Wood is especially valued for its environmental friendliness that last for the entire life cycle and even later on.

Very few different materials are being used for the construction of a wooden house. Besides wood, we also use sheep’s wool for insulation and natural rubber which is the only necessary non-biodegradable material.

Not only are you going to save energy during the construction of the house but also later when living in it because a wooden house gives a completely different feeling of warmth.

Because of the moisture balance and temperature maintaining, you conserve on heating costs. You can read more about saving here…

Natural Log House represents a home for anyone who wants to contribute to sustainability.

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radioactive radiation in wooden houses is similar to that of background radiation that is naturally present in our environment

Less harmful radiation

Quality sleep is essential for the regeneration of your body and a requirement for a happy, healthy and productive life.

Placement of different rooms and furniture in your house is not without meaning.

With the correct placement of your bedroom and your bed, you can significantly increase the quality of your sleep.

Larger quantities of radioactive substances in the vicinity of your bed can cause a number of problems that can lead to the deterioration of your health.

01. Health

Researchers from the Institute of Radiophysics in Stockholm claim that the radiation protective characteristics of wood are vitally important for maintaining one’s health.

Radioactive radiation that is present in our natural environment doesn’t endanger our health. Accumulation of larger amounts of radioactive substances can be dangerous.

Research shows that, unlike radiation in houses built with concrete or brick, the radioactive radiation in wooden houses is similar to that of background radiation that is naturally present in our environment.

Natural Log House dom bo postavljen po pravilih, ki jih nareka geobiologija.

We can determine the location of the lowest background radiation by measuring the levels of radiation at the spot. This is the basis for the placement of the bedrooms, the living room and other rooms.

Even the furniture arrangement is determined according to the measurements.

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Building a log house is cheaper than a conventional one

Save time and reduce the cost of living

Buying a house is certainly one of the defining moments in our lives, even from the financial standpoint.

Unfortunately, we do not know whether or not you will need a loan for the construction of your Natural Log House. What we do know is that building a log house is cheaper than building a conventional house.

But that’s not all. You will save money in the course of construction and also later, when living in the house.

01. How you'll save money
  • Less material is being used than when building a traditional house.
  • There are no costs for finishing works, façade, plasterworks, painting, etc.
  • You will save money on heating because of the excellent natural insulation.

You will feel a pleasant warmth even at 18-20⁰C in our Natural Log House. The same level of comfort can only be achieved 22-24⁰C in a traditionally built house. A one degree difference in temperature means 5% – 6% saving on heating.

Finally, let’s not forget to mention the amount of time you will save when building a house like this. Time is probably the most valuable asset available to us these days.

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pleasant smell of nature

The scent of fresh wood

Can you imagine the smell of Finnish sauna every day? This is the scent that could be present in your new log house every day.

Wood is a natural filter as it absorbs all the unpleasant odours and replaces them with the nice smell of nature.

In addition to the positive energy we feel when we enter a wooden house, we can also notice the smell of wood that does go away with years.

01. The smell of wood

The presence of wood with its smell, colour and structure positively contributes to your well-being. Living areas surrounded by wood are warm, pleasant, homely – this is what makes a home.

The connection to nature is especially important in urban areas. The positive energy, that exudes from wood, can give momentum and a new life energy which is of utmost importance in today’s fast-paced and stressful world.

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high health and living standards

Make living with allergies easier

Natural filter, ventilation and optimal humidity in the log houses help to reduce problems with allergies.

Nowadays, it seems that time is spinning faster and the modern man is subjected to diseases of the contemporary society more and more.

Through our own experiences we have learned the importance of a home that can provide a safe and healthy shelter from the modern world.

We can say with certainty that living in wooden houses ensures very high health and living standards.

01. Dealing with allergies

Natural ecological materials used in wooden houses maintain a healthy atmosphere and impact both the physical and mental health of an individual.

Air in wooden houses is constantly recirculated, has a suitable amount of humidity and is clean. This beneficial interior atmosphere is enabled by the natural diffusion of air through wooden walls.

Large wooden surfaces function as filters and ensure quality air.

Wood naturally regulates excessive moisture in the air and that is why there are no problems with mold and humidity.

All of the above factors will help you combat allergies if you decide that Natural Log House is the right for you.

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Ever since childhood I’ve been closely connected to wood and forests. This contributed to the fact that I started to build houses from logs. From the first house I’ve ever built onward, I always strive to building homes, not just houses.

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Construction phases of a log house

Building a house

Construction process of a log house is a bit different from a classically built house. Since every house is unique, we are highly adaptable to your wishes and needs.

There are three different final construction phases clients most frequently decide among.

01. House with wooden roofing

  • Finished external look of the walls
  • Finished internal walls
  • Openings ready for windows and doors
  • Completed roof structure

02. House with a covered roof and openings for windows

  • Everything a house with a roof has
  • Insulated roof
  • Covered roof
  • All roofing and plumbing works finished

03. Finished exterior

  • Everything a house with a covered roof has
  • No openings
  • Installed windows and doors
  • Finished ceiling construction

You don’t need to worry – we will guide you through the whole construction process and your new home.

Testimonials of people who live in our houses

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it, see what our customers are saying.

When allergy simply disappears...


Here is my experience of living in a wooden log cabin.

I have been diagnosed with severe dust mite allergy very early in my life. Because we lived in a brick house at that time, I had to take pills against the allergy every day.

After moving into the log cabin, I noticed I didn't require pills any more. The wonderful microclimate, that is being created in log houses, has a beneficial influence on me and moving to a wooden house has eased my it life considerably. I only have to rely on pills in case I'm sleeping somewhere else.



When we moved into the log house, we had three indoor flowers with us. The move happened in November, so the plants were dormant. After they were placed into the log cabin, they perceived this as springtime and all three of them started to sprout and bloom.


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