How to get your very own Natural Log House

Construction process

You don’t need to worry – we will guide you through the whole construction process and your new home.

Steps to building a log house

From an idea to completion with warranty

You don’t need to worry – we will give guidance and advice during the whole construction process, so you can have a dream home by the end.

There is a short summary of the whole process below – from ideas, consultations, designing, construction to the final warranty.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us or read FAQ.

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Our approach to your wishes and ideas

01 Your idea

If you’re on this page, that probably means you already have your dream house in mind. That’s all you need for our first meeting. At the meeting we discuss your wishes, demands and limitations.

It is desirable that we also add our own ideas early enough because log houses have certain laws that should be followed when sketching the outline and later on the construction plan.

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98% of the log house is made from biodegradable materials.

02 Consultation

Together with the architect, we design the final construction plan of your new home and take into account the space, design and positioning.

We give you advice in regards to the technology and the advantages of choosing certain materials that can influence your project to a certain degree.

We are always at your disposal when it comes to any questions or problems you might have in regards to the construction of a log house. We are aware of the fact that we are specialised in this field and are more than happy to share that knowledge with you as well.

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02.1 Exterior design Frequently asked questions Contact
log shapes, log joinery, log tails

02.1 Exterior design consultation

There are quite a few different possibilities when it comes to the exterior design of a log house. The biggest influences on the appearance and the final price of the house are: the shape of the logs, their finishing and the type of joinery.

When making the decision on the log shape, a lot of times it important to know the location of the house and its legal limitations. You can choose between uncut (round) and cut (square) logs.

Log tails are also very noticeable on log houses. Generally speaking, there are straight and alternately cut tails with or without flared butts.

The choice of log joints or saddles also affects the final appearance and log cost. The choice mostly depends on the log shape and tails.

Read more about the exterior design possibilities.

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02.2 Interior design Frequently asked questions Contact
Stairs, fences, internal wooden walls

02.2 Consultation – Additions to the interior

The construction of outer and load-bearing walls alone causes enthusiasm and astonishment, however, the right choice of roofing, windows, stairs, fences, etc. adds to the final touch. This is where we come in with our experience, and your wishes, we find a way to bring the plan to life so you can get your dream house.

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radioactive radiation in wooden houses is similar to that of background radiation that is naturally present in our environment

03 Log house design

When developing the house design and architecture plan, we take into consideration your wishes the initial concept we agreed upon.

We are aware of the fact that time is spinning faster nowadays and that the modern man is subjected to diseases of the contemporary society more and more. Through our own experiences we have learned the importance of a home that can provide a safe and healthy shelter from the modern world.

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Building a log house is cheaper than a conventional one

04 Funding

Buying a house is certainly one of the defining moments in our lives, even from the financial standpoint. For most people it represents too big of an investment to be able to manage without loans. Loans and their interests differ from bank to bank and depending on the current circumstances also regularly change.

Unfortunately, we do not know whether or not you will need a loan for the construction of your Natural Log House. What we do know is that building a log house is cheaper than building a conventional house. You will save money both during the construction and when living in the house because it demands less material than a conventional house and it also doesn’t require any finishing works, façade, plasteworks, painting, etc. Excellent heating insulation also saves you money.

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Together we decide on the final construction phase.

05 Construction phases

The construction process of a log house is a bit different from a conventionally built house. Because your one-of-a-kind home has to be built according to your wishes, you also decide on the final construction phase.

If you want to see the most frequent choices of our clients so far, you can take a look by clicking here.

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A house that will last for generations

06 Warranty

The mission of our company Natural Log House is to build healthy and superior log houses, as well as satisfy as many clients as possible. We follow the principles of log house building and that is why we stand by our work. We only use the best quality wood and materials that meet the highest standards and requirements for our work.

Interesting fact: the oldest log cabin in Slovenia is the Kavčnik Homestead dating back to the 17th century. There are many wooden buildings in Europe that are more than 800 years old and are still in use. The oldest wooden structure in the world is the Hōryū-ji Temple (Japan) which was built in the 7th century AD.

Our company Natural Log House guarantees that all wooden built-in materials will carry out its function and last for our initial client’s lifetime. This warranty does not cover the costs of house maintenance because of house settling, damages for inappropriate treatment or installment of unsuitable materials. Other materials that are included in our plans, like windows, doors, roof, etc., are covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranty.

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Ever since childhood I’ve been closely connected to wood and forests. This contributed to the fact that I started to build houses from logs. From the first house I’ve ever built onward, I always strive to building homes, not just houses.

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Construction phases of a log house

Building a house

Construction process of a log house is a bit different from a classically built house. Since every house is unique, we are highly adaptable to your wishes and needs.

There are three different final construction phases clients most frequently decide among.

01. House with wooden roofing

  • Finished external look of the walls
  • Finished internal walls
  • Openings ready for windows and doors
  • Completed roof structure

02. House with a covered roof and openings for windows

  • Everything a house with a roof has
  • Insulated roof
  • Covered roof
  • All roofing and plumbing works finished

03. Finished exterior

  • Everything a house with a covered roof has
  • No openings
  • Installed windows and doors
  • Finished ceiling construction

You don’t need to worry – we will guide you through the whole construction process and your new home.

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Testimonials of people who live in our houses

What our clients say

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When allergy simply disappears...


Here is my experience of living in a wooden log cabin.

I have been diagnosed with severe dust mite allergy very early in my life. Because we lived in a brick house at that time, I had to take pills against the allergy every day.

After moving into the log cabin, I noticed I didn't require pills any more. The wonderful microclimate, that is being created in log houses, has a beneficial influence on me and moving to a wooden house has eased my it life considerably. I only have to rely on pills in case I'm sleeping somewhere else.



When we moved into the log house, we had three indoor flowers with us. The move happened in November, so the plants were dormant. After they were placed into the log cabin, they perceived this as springtime and all three of them started to sprout and bloom.


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