Rustic log cabin SNEŽNIK

Type of construction solid log house with uncut (round) logs / joinery – saddle notch / accented flared butt logs
Construction phases completed by us: finished exterior of the house + interior flooring + stairs with a fence
Storeys: GF+1F
Net living area: 65 m2 Gross building area: 80 m2
Exterior dimensions 7.5m x 6.5m
Roof type: gable roof, roof angle: 40°
Year of construction 2015


This rustic log cabin is located in the middle of the woods.

Interior Contact

The house is built of peeled fir tree logs. Because it is a holiday cabin, we decided for the saddle notch joint with straight cut tails and accented flared butt logs. This is the only house in Slovenia where steam chambers were used for log peeling. The wonderful brown colour of the logs is the result of this process. Basic impregnation serves as a protection of the house. Windows are triple pane, made of spruce and with shutters. Upstairs there is a frame construction with larch façade. The roof is made of bricks.


Rustic log house with a brick oven.

Exterior Contact

One wall lowers from the logs into the interior. 1/4 of the first floor represents the mezzanine which includes special stairs made out of unique trunks. The house is heated with a brick oven which serves as a stove as well. The flooring on the ground floor is made of acacia.

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